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Bow and Bay Windows

We offer our outstanding and beautiful Bow and Bay Windows design to bring a sense of grandeur and nobility to your residence, whilst enjoying all the benefits of high performance and modern design.

Specializing in panoramic views, our beautiful Bow and Bay Windows extend outwards from your property which allows for more living space. This also contributes to their aesthetic, achieving a beautiful arcing appearance.

Intelligently designed bow and bay windows

Throughout all of our Bow and Bay Windows we use the innovative profile from. This profile allows us to offer outstanding levels of security, thermal efficiency and performance throughout. As the result of 30 years of experience, you’re sure to get the best.

Impressive by design, we offer a grand and eye catching design that can be decorated in a choice of 15 foil express colors. You’ll be able to get the perfect aesthetic for your home in no time.

All of our Bow and Bay Windows achieve specialize in crime prevention. Combining an inherently robust UPVC profile with high-security, multi-point shoot bolt locking systems, we guarantee that this window design will always perform. This allows you and your family to enjoy greater peace of mind.

Thermally efficient bow and bay windows

Utilizing an innovative 5 chamber profile design, our UPVC Bow and Bay Windows will greatly enhance the heat retention of your property.  This is achieved by trapping in pockets of warm air and preventing them from exiting your home.

This standard of quality offers a wide range of benefits, including a warmer home in the winter months as well as reduced heating bills and a reduced carbon footprint. Enjoy the very best in Bow and Bay Windows, today.

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