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Eco gain & Eco retain

LONDON GLAZING EcoGain windows are designed principally to decrease energy usage, while their ‘EcoRetain’ windows keep heat loss to a minimum. The difference between the two is how ‘EcoGain’ let’s in more sunlight, which importantly acts as free heat. Both of these products have been planned to throw light on the complex conventional windows energy rating system that baffles consumers.

Traditionally window energy ratings have been calculated based on the BFRC rating equation, concentrating on thermal transmittance, solar factor and air leakage, to calculate the energy efficiency of a window on a scale of A to G.

Key performance factors

  • energy efficient
  • Thermal Transmittance- measures how good a window is at preventing heat escaping from inside the building
  • Solar Factor-measures the amount of heat gained from sunlight passing through the glass
  • Air Leakage-measures how air-tight the window is.

EcoGain windows gain energy making it the highest performing window due to its extremely efficient solar factor.

  • A and A+ Rated Energy Efficiency
  • Zero-Effective Air Leakage (completely draught-free when closed)
  • Ultra 2 sealed units
  • Sound Reducing
  • Toughened
  • Increased “solar factor” (effectively like adding a small electric fire to the room)

EcoRetain windows provide zero effective air leakage, meaning they are completely draught-free when closed and ensure minimum heat loss through the window.

  • B-Rated Energy Efficiency
  • Zero-Effective Air Leakage (completely draught-free when closed)
  • Ultra 2 sealed unit containing Planitherm Low-E glass
  • Sound Reducing
  • Toughened

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