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Patio Doors

Several patio door options are available. Choose the style that appeals to you, depending on your situation and preference. Swinging patio doors open like conventional doors, but feature large glass panes for a view of the outside. They may be installed as single, double or triple doors, depending on the size of your door opening, but double door units are most prevalent.

Characteristically, preassembled double door units come with one fixed and one operational door. They are commonly available in wood or steel models.

Bypass (sliding) patio doors are space-saving alternatives to swinging doors. Unlike swinging doors, which require that objects be set well away from the doorway, sliding doors require no room to swing. Sliding patio doors usually have one door that is fixed and another that slides. They often have aluminum frames, although they may be vinyl steel or wood. The aluminum ones are usually the least expensive patio doors.

NEXT GLAXING offers a very contemporary door for modern homes; they can maximize the feeling of space allowing the garden to be enjoyed from within the home. With a possible span of up to 18 metres, timber patio doors can be up to 3 meters wide per pane and have a capability of opening up a wide opening. The pane options are two, three, four or six and despite the size of the patio doors, they are exceptionally smooth in their operation, and glide effortlessly.

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