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Sound Proof Glazing

More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits to be gained from double glazing from XYZ and now the additional convenience of secondary double glazing – the installation of a new, fully independent secondary window on the room side of your existing window. This is sound-proofing double glazing at its finest – inexpensive and incredibly efficient. Sound proof glazing system in doors and windows protect your home against noise from road traffic, aircraft, and improves the energy efficiency of your property, helping to reduce ever-increasing energy bills.

Windows are typically the greatest source of noise penetration in a building. In residential areas, noise pollution caused by traffic, trains, neighbors or aircraft can seriously affect your comfort, health and property value. In commercial buildings external noise can disturb concentration and affect the efficiency and quality of work performed.  Soundproofing windows is a reliable way to reduce noise and regain comfort. The most effective way to achieve effective noise reduction for windows is to add a secondary system that stops air leaks and has a large air cavity to buffer the noise.  Installing UPVC double glazing throughout your property can substantially reduce the level of noise pollution you will experience giving you a quieter more relaxing home to enjoy. Double glazed windows can actually reduce noise by up to 35 decibels. We have our finest experienced installer to make everything best fitted in your home.

Optimum Efficiency

Sound proof double glazing will also improve the energy efficiency of your home since UPVC windows and doors are supplied and installed with state of the art gaskets and weather seals that let less heat out and less cold in. In turn this will reduce your heating bills and increase the value of your home.

You can further enhance the sound insulation of a double glazed window by:

  • Creating a wide cavity between the panes of glass
  • Upgrade to thicker glass
  • Differing the thicknesses of the glass panes
  • Having an efficient insulating window frame

Sound waves are what carry noise into a home. To achieve noise reduction you must disrupt the sound waves as they travel through the windows. Using standard glass and window options you will be able to disrupt a sound wave.

Thicker glass – the further the sound wave has to travel through the density of the glass, the more likely it is to drop some of the sound waves. Thicker glass is often the best solution to reduce low frequency sounds like common traffic and neighborhood noise.

Laminated glass – the vinyl interlayer will impact on the sound waves, but as laminated glass usually comprises two panels of equal thickness glass, the sound waves do not have to alter and therefore travel through relatively unscathed. Laminated glass will perform only slightly better than single glazing of equal thickness.

Insulated glass units – the key to achieving significant sound wave disruption in an IGU is to have as large an air gap as possible (less than 12mm air gap will provide an STC no better than thick glass); and to have the two panels of glass vary in thickness by at least 50% (so a 10mm panel on one side and a 5mm on the other).

Secondary window – for heavy traffic and aircraft noise a second window with an air space of at least 100mm is the only viable solution to significantly reduce the noise. The use of different thickness glass is recommended; with one of the windows glazed with 10mm glass is ideal.

While the sound and energy benefits are one component of sound proofing in London, we understand that looks are just as important! To soundproof existing windows in an aesthetic manner, we custom-build our secondary glazing systems with ultra-thin frames and can color- match your new noise-reduction windows to make the benefits of secondary double-glazing blend into your home as much as possible.

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