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Triple Glazing

Keeping your home well insulated is vitally important, and your windows offer an opportunity to provide thermal insulation. With triple glazing from XYZ you can potentially save money on your heating bills and reduce noise pollution from outside. With vast years of experience, our team of specialist glaziers can manufacture and install triple glazed windows. Three panes of glass delivered with a high quality finish in a number of materials can add that additional layer of protection to your home from the elements. You can rely on our friendly, professional team to take care of your needs. The perfect scenario would be to use triple glazing in the house to achieve optimum Insulation – with no direct sunlight there is no solar gain, we manufacture triple glazing for the best efficiency.

XYZ glass provides a light, pleasant interior and a clear view of the external environment. Excellent insulation properties are achieved by incorporating a heat reflecting coating on the inner surface of the glass and argon gas within the glazing cavity. This provides an improved internal environment and can help to reduce heating costs.

Choosing triple glazed windows, XYZ will help to keep the heat in your home, and your energy bills down. Windows are a long term investment in the warmth and energy efficiency of your home and you will be guaranteed to make your money back and more if your home is a long-term project. To ensure your home stays extra toasty, our XYZ glazing units are produced using a special outer glass. This outer glass is designed to allow as much solar energy as possible to pass through it whilst at the same time reflecting warmth back into the room. You can choose the style and design of your new windows to best suit your home.  XYZ windows are kind to the environment. We take every possible step to avoid unnecessary waste, and work with a recycling partner to ensure that all of our waste is processed in as environmentally friendly a way as possible.

Our triple glazed windows offer optimum energy efficient and value for money, making your home warm and your energy bill low, and with an extra 14mm cavity it’s quieter too.

  1. Warmest

Whether it is heat generated by the sun or heat that has been created indoors, the extra pane in our windows helps to maintain that heat and hence maximizes energy efficiency.

  1. Inaudible

Nothing disrupts a cozy night in more than external sounds invading our homes, and the extra pane serves to block out even more than our double glazed windows. That all of our products are made in the XYZ ensures they are of the highest standards too.

  1. Safest

Every little detail that deters intruders from your home is a bonus. The extra pane makes these windows a lot harder to break, giving you and your family extra peace of mind. What’s more, our windows each come with extensive guarantees.

  1. Toughest

Our triple glazed windows feature a multi-point locking system as standard, and as they are also made with the finest materials on the market, their resistance is unparalleled.

Key features

There are a variety of features that make up a good triple glazed window. It is the combination of each of these features that help makes XYZ Triple Glazing best.

  • Sealed units filled with two chambers of argon gas – Argon gas is heavier than air and acts as an insulator, blocking out noise as well as the cold air.
  • Two coatings of low-emissivity (Low E) glass, which keeps the heat inside
    Low E is a microscopically thin coating that allows heat past the window from the outside and reflects heat back into the building from the inside. This saves a great amount of energy and will help save on heating bills.
  • Low iron glass – the outer pane of Triple glazing is clearer and increases light transmission from the outside, optimizing an additional solar heat gain.
  • Warm edge technology spacer bars separate the panes of glass – these are made from a plastic insulating composite material that acts as yet another barrier to heat loss.
  • Internal glazing bead – this offers added security as it prevents the removal of glass from outside.

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