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UPVC Tilt Turn

Great contemporary looks, bags of light and fresh air to let the summer into your home. With high-performance and superb insulation for the winter months, combined with the simple ‘tilt and turn’ opening system, this style provides you with UPVC windows that are extremely easy to clean, both inside and out.

Our tilt & turn UPVC windows will let the summer in and help keep winter chills out. They can help to reduce your heating bills and keep your home warm when it’s cold outside with their energy-efficient construction.

They are incredibly easy to operate. With a simple twist of the handle, the window can be tilted inwards from the top for normal ventilation. An easy half-turn of the handle allows you to open the window the whole way from the side to let the summer in. To aid safety, a limiter system is provided as standard which prevents inadvertently opening the window too wide.

Multi-Functional Design

Unique to the tilt and turn window design is a highly practical feature that allows you to increase ventilation, without reducing security. By opting for this design, you’ll be able to tilt the window on a 90° angle, allowing increased air flow without releasing the locking mechanism.

Thermally Efficient

Our UPVC tilt and turn windows excels in energy management, offering ‘A-C’ standards of thermal efficiency. This means your home will achieve a higher degree of heat retention, ensuring comfort throughout the colder months and reduced energy bills as a result.

This window design also features the exceptional Q-Lon gasket, a high performance weather seal that is high quality by design. This gasket has a 99% memory recovery rate which enables it to maintain its shape over many years, ensuring performance that lasts.

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